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Hard Drives: Samsung

Nov. 17, 2011
Nov. 17, 2011


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Customer Notice

15. Nov 2011

Samsung Electronics had made a contract with Seagate on M&A of HDD division into Seagate on Apr.19.2011,and the relevant process is under way. The M&A will be finished by December 2011. And please be informed of the transfer of the HDD warranty service as follows.

The warranty service of the HDD that Samsung have sold will be transferred to Seagate Technology after M&A is completed. Please refer to the attachment 1 for the warranty service details. And the exact date of M&A completion will be noticed later.

Freeze Zone will be in operation for smooth transfer to Seagate, and the operation plan is as follows.

* Freeze Zone: Time for business transfer with all service work stopped.

( Free Zone : D-7 ~ D-day)

1. RMA No Issue is stopped on D-10 (Target date will be noticed later)

-. Seagate will resume RMA No Issue after deal closing.

2. If RMA No is issued before D-10, RMA products should arrive at service center within 3 days.

3. The RMA products which arrive at service center in Freeze Zone or later will be received by Seagate Technology.

4. Seagate will provide the warranty service after M&A completion.

Samsung Electronics will provide the best support to prevent the customer inconvenience through close collaboration with Seagate Technology.

SAMSUNG Electronics CO., LTD. Semiconductor Business, Storage System Division, Quality Team

Q & A
1. Is the warranty period maintained for the products which were purchased before M&A completion ? Yes, the original warranty period is succeeded.

2. How is the warranty policy changed for the products purchased after M&A ?
The warranty policy of Seagate Technology will be applied.

3. Where is the contact information for service center after M&A ?
Please refer to the attachment 1. You may ask questions to Seagate service center after M&A.

4. How is the warranty process after M&A completion for the products purchased before M&A ?
It will be processed under the policy of Seagate Technology. Please refer to to contact Seagate service center.

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