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Jun. 21, 2010
Jun. 22, 2010
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Jun. 21, 2010


Samuel Herschbein

iPhone iOS 4.0 just hit iTunes. iTunes is downloading it now (slow, wonder why...). iTunes said it may take an hour to install on my iPhone 3G.


Peter Sichel

With the imminent release of iOS4, I thought your readers might find the following experience helpful:

iOS4 vs iPod Touch Battery Life

With the release of iOS4, my iPod Touch (2G) gained the ability to remain connected to Wi-Fi even when in sleep mode to receive push notifications (or VoIP calls in the background). The implications for battery life however are not immediately apparent.

Having lived with iOS4 on my iPod Touch since WWDC, I was initially caught off guard by the significantly reduced battery life. Previously my iPod Touch could go about a week without recharging, as I used it mostly for listening to audio an hour or so a day, and occasionally for looking up other information. After installing iOS4, battery life dropped to a couple days, or even less depending on the application I was in.

It turns out the WWDC application needed to be updated for iOS4 to conserve battery life, but more importantly, it had enabled "Notifications", the 3rd item under Settings. With notifications enabled, an iPod Touch will stay connected to a Wi-Fi network even while in sleep mode, thus burning through the battery much faster than I had previously experienced.

If you use an iPod Touch mostly as a music player and don't normally need notifications, be sure to leave this turned off in the Settings application, or select Airplane mode when you don't want the radios to remain active.


Jim Rietz

iOS 4 is available in iTunes!


Michael Blasco

Just checked- and it's available now!
iOS4 downloading as I type.


Michelle Steiner

I'm installing iOS 4 right now. It became available at about 10:20 AM, Mountain Standard Time.

After the file is downloaded, iTunes backs up the phone; this backup is going much, much, more slowly than the one I did earlier this morning. At the rate it is going, I expect it to take an hour (maybe more) to finish. And the install of iOS 4 itself won't start until after that.


Michelle Steiner

I was totally wrong about the backup expecting to take an hour. The progress bar jumped from about 10% to 100% almost as soon as I sent the previous comment. I expect the entire process to take about a half hour.


MacInTouch Reader

Before going ahead and upgrading to iOS 4, I would just like to know: Is it possible, after upgrading to iOS 4 to downgrade or restore to iPhone 3.1.3 at a later date (without jailbreaking etc.)? Not that I have doubts about iOS 4; it may simply be necessary for testing purposes. (Yes, I know the iPhone Simulator can do that, but not everything can be tested in the simulator - a real iPhone is needed.) Thanks.


Skot Nelson

Upgrading to iOS4 took longer than I expected. Not the upgrade installation time itself, but the first sync after. iTunes had to reanalyze all of my gapless album information and generate about 600 optimized photos, despite the fact that none of that information changed. I'm not sure why, but so it goes sometimes.

Haven't used it yet but I'm about to shut down my PowerBook and head home so it won't be long.


Geoffrey Green

[Re: absence of any official explanation for the delay in iOS 4 for iPad...]

While I don't think Apple has given a straightforward explanation for the delay, at least to my eyes the reason is pretty obvious -- the iPad was developed independently from the iPhone, and though it shares the same underlying OS as the iPhone, it contains numerous modifications to account not only for the larger screen size of the iPad but different UI elements to make better use of the available space. Because of Apple's penchant for secrecy, I don't think there's much doubt that the iPhone OS 4 update was being developed throughout the second half of 2009 while a separate, secret team was adapting iPhone OS 3 for the iPad. The iPad was introduced in January and shipped in March. Given the timing, it would have been a great challenge for Apple to integrate all the iPad-specific and general changes back into iOS 4, integrated the iOS 4 changes into the OS developed for the iPad, and introduce a single version of iOS 4 in mid-June, coincident with the iPhone 4 release, without running a big risk of introducing significant bugs on the iPhone or the iPad.

The three extra months gives Apple some extra time to combine the OS variants more smoothly. I expect that there'll be an iDevice-wide version of iOS 4 either in September, when the iPad variant is released, or next June, when (presumably) iOS 5 will be released concurrently for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.


Mike Hejjas

Well, downloading and installing iOS4 on my 32 GB iPhone 3Gs took about 40 min. Everything went swimmingly, except when I used the Photos app, I immediately noticed that the previously downloaded pictures were being displayed only at their low-res thumbnail resolution (expanded to the iPhone's full screen size, yuk). The fix was simple enough, although time consuming. First, I had to go to the 'Photos' tab within the iPhone window of iTunes, and deselect all the photo albums I had previously synced to my phone, then perform a Sync operation, which effectively erased all of the photos. Second, I had to reselect all the photo albums I wanted to download to the phone, and perform the Sync again. That operation is slowly completing now, as iTunes has to re-optimize each of my 3000+ photos before downloading them. (I tested this procedure on one small photo album only, and it worked-- the photo images once again displayed in the best resolution for the iPhone's screen size.) Meanwhile, I rearranged all my app icons into "folders". Got to love it...


Paul Galati

Just FYI...

Maybe too early to tell, but I am experiencing a problem with photos. The camera roll on the phone indicates there is 138 items. 130 photos and 8 videos. When I open iPhoto, the iPhone is listed on the left side with 49 items, which happens to be thefirst 49 listed in the camera roll.


David Olson

None of the photo albums I checked were synced. They were checked and showed up before the update, and now are missing. I click on Albums and get Camera Roll with no Albums. The Events I checked did show up, and faces, which I had not checked. How do you get Albums to work?


MacInTouch Reader

I upgraded my iPhone 3Gs to iOS 4 and the new features are very nice and work well. However, the photos on my iPhone that have been sync'd from iPhoto now look like they are low-res. if I "pinch out" to zoom in on any of them, they are completely pixelated. Even in full-frame they look sort of fuzzy. Any photos that have been taken with the iPhone itself, and have not been loaded from iPhoto look fine and behave as expected.

Is anyone else seeing this behavior? Is this a bug in iOS 4.0...?


Jay Cowan

Attempted to upgrade to iOS4 on my iPhone3G 16GB. Download of OS over internet was reasonably fast, but the backup was so slow (5 min. for the first blue pixel of the progress bar to show up), I thought something was hung up.
So I removed all my music and tried again, leaving over 5 GB empty space on the iPhone. After 20 minutes, the progress bar for backup was only a few pixels wide (less than the width of one character!). At that rate, it would be a 10 or 15 hour backup, and since my sync-Mac is at work, this is too long to complete.

I cancelled backup and will wait to upgrade when this is fixed by Apple.

Jun. 22, 2010


Kevin McCormick

I recently purchased a 16GB WiFi iPad. They were out of 3G models. Knowing that iOS would support tethering I thought I could use the iPhone to access the web when out of WiFi range. I verified this with the Apple salesman before I bought the iPad.

Today I found out this is not the case. Apple is not allowing tethering on the WiFi iPads.

This makes no sense to me. I would understand if this was a bluetooth issue, but they have shut off all avenues of connection. My only option now is a MiFi.


Samuel Herschbein

iPhone 3G 16GB with no music and 155 applications on the iPhone of 198 total in iTunes. Mac OS X 10.6.4 on a MacBook Pro 17" Late 2008.

It took about 8 minutes to download the update (busy servers).

After downloading the update, iTunes reported an error (-35) backing up my iPhone. I cancelled, quit iTunes, and tried again.

It reported another error backing up (long Windows style hex code...). Reset my iPhone, quit iTunes, and tried again.

Backup took over an hour, the MobileSync backup folder had 5,677 files in it. When it changed to restore, I got another error: The iPhone "xxx" could not be restored. An Unknown error occurred (9). The iPhone had the graphic with the USB cable and iTunes (it won't work until iTunes sets it up).

After clicking OK buttons, iTunes immediately asked to restore, I gave that a try, it worked this time.

Total time to update: over 2 hours, 20 minutes.

I have not tested much yet...


Bob Martin

Upgraded my 32gb iPod Touch -- backup seemed to go very slowly indeed, but only took about 40 minutes (only about 2.4gb free on the device).

Some phases of the process were very slow. I let it sit and percolate. I started the process around 10:20 PDT, and everything was up and running again around noon.

Not the speediest, but it worked. The next visit to the Store showed iBooks is available -- downloaded that.

Now I'm looking for ways to move large numbers of PDFs or HTML files to a readable format for iBooks -- calibre and stanza both have issues, with either PDF or HTML. So far the best is PDFs with Stanza.

Would really like a way to generate EPUB files from HTML for the iPod touch -- I think calibre will get there, but as of 0.7.4 there are still issues.


Peter Timofejew

I just upgraded my 3GS to iOS 4, and during my first phone call with the stock headphones, I was straining to hear the conversation, even with the volume maxed out. It dawned on me that I had iPod volume limiting enabled (to approximately 1/2 of the max). I went into Settings, turned off volume limiting, and now the telephone volume with headphones is back to pre-iOS 4 volumes.

I'm guessing this is a bug, since the setting is still in the iPod section of the Settings, and not a general sound section.


Gregg J

What happened to the double click Home button setting?


Dan Kittay

My wife and I both had the same issue with our 16GB 3GS. Upgrading to iOS4 on my Mac Pro and her iMac caused both of our phones to crash during the upgrade process. iTunes attempt to restore both phones also failed. After several restarts and resets to no avail, I created a new user account on the Mac Pro, and was able to restore both units with iOS4.

But most of our apps were not on the phones. Syncing back in my regular user account, the apps came back, but were all in a different place from where they were when I backed them up prior to attempting all of this. Same for my wife. So at the end of the day, we both have iOS4 and our apps back, but with a lot more aggravation than it should have been.


Geoffrey Green

I tried today to install iOS 4 onto my iPhone 3G/16 GB. First time I tried it stayed in the "Backing up [iPhone name]..." status for about 2.5 hours before the process was interrupted by a phone call. I put the phone in airplane mode, started the upgrade again and now, 4.5 hours into this second effort, I'm still in the "Backing up [iPhone name]..." part of the process. I guess I'll leave it overnight, see what happens.


Atul Jain

if you are experiencing pixelated photos after upgrading to iOS4, try running a sync to remove all photos, and then re-sync to add your photos back. This fix took some time (iTunes had to reformat photos for my iPhone), but it worked like a charm.


Hal Durnford

Well, it's been just over 2 hours since I told iTunes to update my 2G iPod touch (32GB - 5.1 GB free)

There appears to be progress, as a backup occurred first, then the download, then a restore, then restoring applications, now "restoring iPod music and videos" - I would estimate at least another 45 minutes, bring the total update time to approx 3 hours... wow.

Note that the Apple confirmation did indicate it could take 1 to 2 hours. The actual download appears to be just over300 MB, and that time was about 20 minutes in the above time...

I have to leave it now, and will check back later to see how things go.



iPod Touch: Which iOS 4 software features does my iPod Touch support?

[However, the chart on that page is misleading because both the 2G and 3G iPod Touches support more iOS4 features than are listed there (iBooks, for example).]


Claude Corbeil

I finished upgrading my iPhone 3 to iOS 4 then tried to do the same with my iPad and was very surprised that iOS 4 was not available for the iPad...

I was positive i had seen something about a release for the iPad. Was I dreaming? ...

[It was announced during the WWDC keynote that the iOS 4 release for iPad won't be until fall. -MacInTouch]



iOS 4: Understanding data protection

Data protection is a feature available for iOS 4 devices that offer hardware encryption: iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch (3rd generation). This article outlines how to enable and verify data protection.

Products Affected

iPod Touch (3rd generation), iPhone 3GS

Data protection enhances the built-in hardware encryption by protecting the hardware encryption keys with your passcode. This provides an additional layer of protection for your email messages and attachments. Third-party applications can use the data protection APIs in iOS 4 to further protect application data.


Dana Leighton

iPhone 3G, 8GB. Never jailbroken, etc. Upgraded to OS 4 fine. Restore failed - the error "An error occurred while restoring this iPhone" -- Phone was hung in the sync. Disconnected and reconnected, which prompted a dialog that the restore had been interrupted, and should it continue. I pressed Continue. Then error dialog box "An error occurred while restoring." Quit iTunes and restarted iTunes. Tried restoring, which was apparently a backup from when the phone had been wiped. There is a thread on Apple Discussions about this update failure:
  Topic : An error occurred while restoring this iPhone (-402653172)

So I decided to just sync my media. iTunes has problems with my media files:

Some of the items in the iTunes library were not copied to the iPhone "Dana's iPhone" because one or more errors occurred. For a list of items that could not be copied, click the triangle below.'

When clicking the triangle, a list of my media files, with each one:

'iTunes could not copy [filename] to the iPhone "Dana's iPhone" because the file could not be found."

Weird thing is, I can play the media in iTunes, but the phone sync cannot find them...

Apps seem to be fine, phone works, but no media now. Ugh. Now to figure out where it thinks the media files are.


Marco Markovich

Upgraded my 3g to iOS4. The back up took a long time. About 8 hours.


Peter Trinder

Gregg J wrote:

What happened to the double click Home button setting?

It is now just a single click (I missed that too until I found it accidentally.)


Geoffrey Green

Here's a follow-up to my earlier message about very long update times. I made a third attempt to upgrade to iOS 4, starting the process on my iPhone 3G at 10:30 pm; when I went to get it just before 6 am, it was still backing up. Something is wrong.


Dave Kitabjian

Began upgrading my iPod Touch 2G to iOS4 this morning. When I returned a few minutes later, iTunes had an error message up that an error occurred while restoring my iPod. Sure enough, all but 3 of my (~400) user apps were erased from the iPod, presumably along with all their user data.

Looking at the iPod, it seems no music and photos were syncd (ie, they were all removed), but my Calendar, Contacts, and Mail were still syncd.

I'm not sure if or how all my app user data is restorable from the "backup" that is still listed under "Devices" in iTunes...


Michael Clifford

A rather undesirable feature of iOS4 (to me, anyway) is the inclusion of iAds. Cookies are used to track your preferences, to determine which ads are served to you. According to, you can opt out of the tracking (but not out of getting served *any* ads) by pointing your browser on each iOS4 device to:


MacInTouch Reader

Updated iPhone 3G last night to iOS4. Took about 90 minutes. What I have noticed so far: In Mail, my old messages were all lost. In iPod, only 1 of 16 podcasts were still on the phone (recovered with new synch). As mentioned above, stored photos were grievously degraded (seriously Apple, how could you let this happen!).


MacInTouch Reader

I had a problem similar to Dave Kitabjian's: a problem during the post-iOS4 installation restore. After the update, the itunes reported a problem during restore and asked if I wanted to try again. I did, and it seemed to complete ok, but I was still left with a clean, app-, contact-, and photo-free iPhone 3G ( though all music was there). It was showing the out-of-the-box hints about creating folders and such.

I then did a manual restore of the backup and everything was fine. However, afterward MobileMe on both of my computers reported lots of subtle changes to a variety of (old) calendar events (alarms added or shifted), so the phone pushed a bunch of weirdness across to MobileMe, which dutifully pushed it to my 2 machines. Also, photos in my Camera Roll have been shifted around, and a block of them from many months ago are now at the end (as if they're most recent).

The whole process did take quite a while, and as always it's unwise to extrapolate time to completion from the progress bar too finely: mine took a long time to move even a little, then jumped ahead. *Be patient.*

Other experiences:

The double-click of the home button setting *is* still there, where it's always been (or at least where I've expected to find it: Settings->General->Home Button).

Homescreen wallpaper is not supported on iPhone 3G (along with multitasking and other RAM-heavy features). I reckon even an image takes more RAM than a iPhone 3G can spare, and it's a lot easier to draw a black background than load an image.

There're some subtle UI enhancements to the iPod, and folders seem to work ok.

The 3D dock doesn't look any better in iOS4 than it does in Mac OS X 10.5 (or whenever it was inflicted on us) and later.

Some have reported that iOS4 feels faster on the same hardware. Can't say I agree, but it's probably no worse.


MacInTouch Reader

I updated my iPhone 3GS to iOS4, and my Contacts became corrupted. Contacts can no longer open, and every app that references Contacts (from Mail, Phone, Chat, ... to System Preferences) crashes.

So, I'm now doing a "Reset" and restore. Fingers crossed..


Warren Stone

Might want to be careful about upgrading before you find out if your audio accessory is compatible. I have been using an iSimple gateway that added iPod functionality to my stock GM radio. After the iOS4 upgrade it is completely broken. Won't even play in auxiliary mode. The iPhone keeps popping up a dialog stating that the device is incompatible and it will not function.


David Olson

Following up on the missing albums, they showed up after I used the camera and tried out the new zoom feature. Whether it was simply a matter of time or use of the camera, I don't know.


MacInTouch Reader

Upgraded my 3G 16g with half dozen apps, 600 pics, about 1000 songs and some large movies. No problems. Took about 1.5 hours in all. So far so good.


Peter Trinder

There is also a triple click to home screen option in the Settings. Turned off when installed so that one click works by default.


Richard Berger

I always set the Camera to the double click home. I don't see any "Home Button" options under General. Here is what I see on my "General" screen:

Location services
Spotlight Search
Passcode Lock
Date & Time


Timothy Binder

MacInTouch Reader said:

The double-click of the home button setting *is* still there, where it's always been (or at least where I've expected to find it: Settings->General->Home Button).

Homescreen wallpaper is not supported on iPhone 3G (along with multitasking and other RAM-heavy features)....

This points out the difference. The iPhone 3G doesn't support multitasking, so maintains the double-click on the Home button setting. For units that do support multitasking, the double click now opens the multitasking bar, so the setting is no longer available.

It's not an issue for me, since I used it to access the iPod controls, which I can still do, if a bit differently. For those who used it to do other things, like open iPhone favorites, that functionality now seems to be lost.

(Also, I miss having the artist name listed and other controls on the iPod mini-panel.)


David Powell

After reading some of the iOS 4 update experiences here, I was a bit leery of updating my 32 GB iPhone 3gs. But all went quite well. First, I updated iTunes to v. 9.2. (There were a couple other updates waiting as well, so I loaded those too.) After the updates and a reboot, I was ready to go.

I connected my iPhone and iTunes informed me that the 4.0 update was available. It took a while to download, but once it did, the update proceeded without a hitch. The entire process (not including the time it took to get 4.0 from Apple's servers) took less than 10 minutes. My iPhone had about 1.7 GB free, and the backup seemed to take no more time than any other sync/backup operation has in the past. (About a minute or two.)

I did notice one small problem that others here have noted: Following the update, my photos displayed as low-res, pixelated images. Turning off photo sync, then syncing, then turning photo sync back on and re-syncing fixed the issue. I don't keep gigabytes of photos on my iPhone, so the process was pretty quick.

Those who reported long backup times or failed update attempts didn't mention whether they updated to iTunes 9.2 before trying the iPhone upgrade. For the record, I was running iTunes 9.2 when I did the update.


MacInTouch Reader

I wrote earlier that my photos after update to iOS4 were grievously degraded. I happened to try sending one by mail to myself. A choice of resolutions popped up and I chose the highest one. Magically, all the photos on my 3G reverted back to the fine pre-update resolution! I then looked for a default resolution setting under Settings but couldn't find one. Maybe my missing mail will also show up.


Matt McCaffrey

Another data point: iPhone 3G 16GB, updating from 3.1.3 to iOS4. On the first attempt to update, the installer apparently quit and reported that "A required disc was not found." This took about an hour. I am running the update again; so far about 90 minutes and it IS running, but the Backing up "[name]'s iPhone"? dialog seems stuck at about 15% progress. The iPhone itself is *very* warm, but does report "Sync in Progress". Activity Monitor shows the iTunes process grabbing about 10% CPU time, alternating with "usbmuxd" and the PID 0 kernel_task.

This does seem to me like something is not working correctly: perhaps the backup program in the installer is being overly conservative about verification (though perhaps not if judging by other reports here!), or there is a communications issue of some kind. It is interesting that the installer program puts up its own dialog for backup progress rather than using the iTunes display (which by the way is still reporting that the sync which happened when I connected the iPhone is complete, and it's okay to disconnect).


John Dorsey

The 4.0 upgrade to my 32GB 3GS proceeded quickly and flawlessly. However, iPhoto - or the phone - appears to have lost track of the "downloaded" status of some 30+ iPhone videos in the phone's camera roll. The subject videos were all downloaded previously and until this upgrade, correctly no longer appeared in iPhoto during sync operations, in keeping with the "hide files already downloaded" box that I keep checked. Now, despite having been downloaded previously, they are being presented to me as if they were new. (The box is still checked.)

This new list includes only videos, no photos, and the 31 newly "undownloaded" files appear to include every video ever shot on the phone that I haven't deleted from the phone (going back to my acquisition of the video-capable 3GS). I haven't yet tried to solve the problem by simply re-downloading them, for fear (probably unwarranted) that the duplicate download will somehow muck up the way in which I have the original downloads organized. I'll turn to that eventually if necessary, but in the meantime, has anyone else encountered this little glitch?


Michelle Steiner

The iAds opt-out feature is working now; it wasn't working yesterday.

However, I don't see any way to opt back in once you've opted out. Some people might want to change their minds after they've opted out.


Flash Sheridan

After syncing my test iPad Touch 3 with iOS 4.0 to my MacBook Pro, I got huge numbers of old repeating meeting which seem to have lost their end-date, e.g., "Palm-size PC Porting Lab" on June 28th _this_ millennium, which I assure you is an error.

Some historical notes: My calendar data is quite large, and iPhone OS 3 never handled it properly, e.g., both search and over-the-air sync are broken on my 3.1.3 iPhone. MobileMe sync data also gets corrupted every few weeks. And "Palm-size PC" was Microsoft's court-ordered renaming of their trade-mark infringing Palm PC.


MacInTouch Reader

To clarify an earlier comment I made about the Home button working (and being as customizable) as before: I have an iPhone 3G, without multitasking. On the 3GS and later, the home button seems to be taken over by the task manager


Mike Viksna

It may be obvious in hindsight, but it appears that this update wipes the iPhone after backing it up, then installs the new OS and restores all your user data. 3 plus hours for my iPhone 3G with approximately 8 gigs of music and apps.

I miss Firewire! (and pity those with 30 gigs of data)


Barry Brown

Gregg J wrote:

What happened to the double click Home button setting?

I used to have double-click Home set to go to my contact favorites, giving me nearly instant access to my most frequently dialed numbers. Is there a different way to do the same, now?


Paul Howland

Similar problems here. Updated my iPhone 3G to iOS4 and now iTunes will no longer sync music, podcasts or photos to the iPhone, claiming that the files cannot be found (even though they're listed in iTunes and play fine). Even a total reset of the iPhone and install from scratch didn't appear to help. Apple's support forums are reporting several cases of this, so seems that I'm not alone. (I'm running MacOS 10.6.4 and all the latest updates of everything).


MacInTouch Reader

Updated my 16 GB 3G last night, and had a mix of the problems described above (it went into "restore" mode during the update, told me "restore" had been interrupted (but then worked fine when I told it to resume), lost old email messages, took about 2 hours), but not others (my photos are fine, music is all there).

The problem I haven't seen mentioned here is the new "birthdays" option on the calendar app. For some of my contacts, it got the birthday right; for others, it moved it to a day later. A quick google search showed I was not alone in this issue. For a temporary fix, I disabled the birthday function on my phone and use the birthday calendar from iCal on my iMac.

I couldn't find anywhere in the help screens how to use the new folder function; a really nice reference for this and other new features is at


J Kirk Thompson

Upgraded/updated to iOS4 on 16 GB 3G last night. Took about 2.5 hours, soup to nuts. Seems a bit snappier, I guess. No problems with photos, music. Two issues, one minor, one not so much.

Lost POP mail, no biggie. Just had to re-download, sort through, etc.

Lost all of my Voice Memos. Most of which are of my kids. Checked through my ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Voice Memos folder, nada. Checked through backups and found one but it refused to sync over.

Seems like Voice memos weren't syncing properly in the first place despite the setting in iTunes and the upgrade/update didn't restore them.

Testing after the fact, new memos sync fine. From the forums it seems like there are issues with voice memo syncing, in general.

Not sure how to back them up if they refuse to sync. I haven't tried a restore, yet.


Michael Schmitt

1. What is the best method for upgrading a standard iPhone to iOS 4?

2. What is the best method for upgrading a previously jailbroken iPhone to iOS 4? What do you need to do to keep from ending up with an orphan partition?


Mike Stith

Gregg J wrote:

What happened to the double click Home button setting?

The double click is now reserved for bringing up the list of running apps (so that you can switch to them or stop them).


Michael Bayme

I saw all the messages about problems upgrading and wonder what I did differently. iPhone 3gs hooked up to aluminum Macbook - 10 minutes to download the update from itunes, a couple of minutes to install the new firmware, a new sync - and everything works fine. The phone (16gb) is maxed out with 6gb movies, 4 gb photos, the rest apps - and the first sync took a good 20 minutes as itunes reformatted some 1200 photos - but since then all is well.

Ipod touch 2nd gen on an old machine - 10 minutes download, few minutes firmware install, uneventful sync and works great!

I'm happy.


Nigel Brookes

Upgraded both a 16GB iPhone 3GS and a 32GB iPod Touch 2G last night. The iPhone upgraded smoothly - took about 40 minutes, although I did get a message on clicking the iTunes update button that not all my purchases had been transferred to iTunes. Did 'Transfer Purchases' both via the File menu and right-clicking the iPhone icon in the source list but still got the message. Ignored it and carried on with upgrade and all seems fine. Wondered if in-app purchases (have some Hipstamatic lenses/filters installed) are actually being backed up? The iPod Touch on the other hand took about 3 hours to upgrade which seemed to wipe the device, replace the firmware, install iOS 4, and restore the apps. When it finished all the media (songs/movies) were missing! Apps and contacts seemed OK. Not sure why this happened - but it appears to be more of a 'Restore' than an 'Update' - after many many upgrades of Apple devices over the years I've never had the media wiped before! Of course I have all the media in iTunes but will have to spend more time copying it all back onto the iPod.


Mike Mauel

Judging from Apple's iPhone discussion page, I was one of many who were temporarily "un-sync"ed from Mobile Me after updating my iPhone 3Gs to iOS4.

Well, restarting (hard and soft), restoring, and everything else failed to fix the problem, but patience did.

At 5pm EDT today, the servers were syncing fine. All of the Mobile Me Contacts appeared correctly; the phone worked without any issues; and I suddenly became a happy iOS4 user.

Jun. 23, 2010


Matt Neuburg


The double-click of the home button setting *is* still there, where it's always been (or at least where I've expected to find it: Settings->General->Home Button). Homescreen wallpaper is not supported on iPhone 3G (along with multitasking and other RAM-heavy features).

If you don't have multitasking / fast app switching, that's why you still see the Home Button setting. With fast app switching, double-clicking the Home button always accesses the fast app switcher and you have no choice about this (nor should you).


Mike Silverman

Does anyone else find it annoying that when you launch an app from a folder in iOS 4, when you later return to the home screen, you are dumped back into that folder, rather then returning to the main home screen view?

I find this makes it so I always need to tap one extra time (to exit the folder) before doing anything else. It makes folders less useful for quickly launching apps, and is actually quite disconcerting.

I'm sure Apple did user experience testing and found that (perhaps inexperienced users) need the context of being returned exactly where they "left off" from launching an app, but for an experienced user expecting things to work the way the grid works in the OS X dock, the iOS 4 way is a pain in the you-know-what.


Lutz Mueller

After updating to iOS4 all my photos lost sharpness. Disconnecting from iTunes, reconnecting and syncing photos, fixed the problem.

Trying to opt out from ad-serving going to gives me the message "Unsuccessful Opt Out - The device is not running iOS 4." I am running iOS 4 on a 3GS 16g.


MacInTouch Reader

I'll fess up to being a bit of a luddite: I switched cellphone carriers and acquired an iPhone 3GS (16Gb) only in early April 2010. Even more of a luddite, I sync it to a PowerBook G3 Pismo using a third-party USB2 CardBus-slot card that runs MacOS X 10.4.11 and iTunes 8.2.3.

The other day I saw that an "upgrade" was available for the iPhone's operating system. Lo-and-behold, iOS4 had been released! However, it requires iTunes 9.2 for installation. But iTunes 9.2, in turn, runs only on a PowerPC G4 or more-recent processors.

Not a complaint, just an observation.


Andreas Szabados

For Bob Martin (EPUB creation):

I use calibre to do the conversion and then use Sigil (free, multi-platform) to tweak the resulting EPUB, i.e. add Chapter markers, change headings, include custom fonts etc. Sigil is actually an XML editor that is specialized for EPUB (which is just an XML file container). Other formats are also supported but I haven't worked with those.

Not the most convenient but it creates much nicer results than just the calibre conversion.



Michael Fryd

Kevin McCormick wrote:

I recently purchased a 16GB WiFi iPad. They were out of 3G models. Knowing that iOS would support tethering I thought I could use the iPhone to access the web when out of WiFi range. I verified this with the Apple salesman before I bought the iPad.
   Today I found out this is not the case. Apple is not allowing tethering on the WiFi iPads.
   This makes no sense to me. I would understand if this was a bluetooth issue, but they have shut off all avenues of connection. My only option now is a MiFi.

Tethering allows you to share the cellular data connection of your cellular device with other devices (such as a laptop). There are two parts to tethering, the cellular device (iPhone), and the client (laptop). The connection between these two devices is typically USB, BlueTooth, or sometimes Wi-Fi.

I don't recall ever seeing any mention that iOS 4 would include support for being a client for tethering. What they did announce was that with iOS 4, AT&T would allow you to tether a client device (such as a laptop) to your iPhone (extra charges may apply). A non-3G iPad does not have a cellular modem, and does not support another device tethered to it. Furthermore, Apple has stated that the iPad does NOT support tethering (this is likely a policy decision, not a technical issue).

There has never been a suggestion that you can tether an iPad to a cellular modem via USB or BlueTooth. Therefore, even if you pay for tethering on your iPhone, you cannot officially use it to tether your iPad.

There is a solution. Tethering via Wi-Fi does not require any special support from the client. Various carriers sell a device called a "Mi-Fi." This is a cellular modem and Wi-Fi hotspot built into a device smaller than a deck of cards. You can turn on your Mi-Fi and use it to connect from your iPad, iPhone, and LapTop all at once.

Of course, this doesn't help you, as your probably already have a data plan for your iPhone.

My understanding is that there is software available for Jailbroken iPhones that allow them to act as Wi-Fi hot spots for tethering other devices. If you installed this software on your iPhone, you could tether your iPad. You don't need a software upgrade for the iPad, and you probably don't want to upgrade your iPhone from 3.x until there is a jailbreak for iOS 4.

I would not recommend doing this in the USA, and I would look into local regulations before doing it in another country. I believe that in the USA, tethering in this fashion bypasses the additional AT&T tethering charge and is a violation of AT&T's terms of service.

[I happened to talk with someone today who has a Palm Pixi with a data plan on Verizon. She was able to turn the phone into an ad hoc WiFi hotspot in no time, and we were able to connect an iPad and iPod Touch to it via WiFi and then play music over Pandora with good quality. SpeedTest showed download bandwidth of about 150 Kbps and upload performance a little faster than that. -Ric Ford]


MacInTouch Reader

On installing iOS4 last night I found that wifi locating works on my 3rd Gen iPod Touch. Previously it hadn't. Also eWifi and WifiGet, 2 apps Apple banished, continue to work perfectly. I haven't had a chance to go through all the new improvements iOS 4 brought, but will be doing so, over the next few days.


Mark Edwards

Yesterday, my iPhone 3GS ran for 12+ hours on a single charge.

I upgraded to iOS4 last night. Went smoothly. Didn't time it but I started the process then went downstairs to make dinner. When I came back up after eating, the upgrade had finished. I played around a bit and liked what I saw. Overall performance felt snappy. Got the low battery warning around 10 PM. Plugged it in and retired.

This morning, I unplugged the iPhone when I left the house just after 8 AM. The battery was at 100%. Checked email and headlines while waiting at Starbucks. Then spent several hours in my office. At 12:36, I got the 20% battery warning.

Nothing unusual in my usage today. Received a dozen or so email messages. Replied to two. Looked at a couple of websites. Sent one SMS. Got one voice message. Took a phone call that dropped all of three seconds in. Then looked up the contact's number to call back on the landline. That was it. No iPod use. No photos taken. No video streamed.

The experience leaves me deeply troubled. A half day's use on a full charge is completely unacceptable. Guess I'll try again tomorrow. But I'm wondering if it's possible to revert back to the previous OS.


MacInTouch Reader

I chose to take the plunge, updating my jailbroken iPhone 3G to iOS4 and using redsn0w to re-jailbreak it on the new OS. The whole process took several hours (most of which was backup) but I had no problems applying the iOS4 update as some have. I did have a problem getting redsn0w to recognize the iOS4 .ipsw file until I obtained the proper version (turns out you need "redsn0w 0.9.5-3", with the "-3" part being crucial.) That installed fine, including enabling wallpaper and multitasking on the 3G.

The worst problems were, unexpectedly, getting Cydia to reload all the package updates. Perhaps the servers were overloaded with all the other jailbreakers updating to iOS4, but it took 12 hours of relaunching & rebooting for Cydia to finally allow me to reinstall my non-Apple apps.

Since then it has been relatively smooth sailing. iOS4 runs fine, wallpaper does not slow down icons as Steve Jobs claimed, and app folders are a pure joy. I did have an issue when a friend decided to stress test the multitasking and got 12 apps running at once, leaving some unwilling to respond. Don't do that on a 3G, folks.


MacInTouch Reader

Upgraded my 16GB 3GS to iOS4 last night. Took less than 30 minutes total and has been completely pain-free.

However, I have attempted 4 times now to opt out of iAds and all 4 times have gotten the unsuccessful message because it claims my device isn't running iOS4, which it clearly is (and says so in General > About to back me up).

Has anyone successfully opted out?


Ron Abeles

Since upgrading my iPhone G3 to iOS4, my mail is showing phantom messages. They are listed as No Subject and not having any content. Whenever I check my mail, the number of such messages increases. Currently 11 are posted. I am unable to delete them.

Interestingly, they do not appear in mail account on my Mac (using Mail).

Anyone else experiencing this? Suggestions on how to delete these entries? They do not disappear after sync with my desktop.

Otherwise, the upgrade seems to have gone smoothly.


Geoffrey Green

The other day I commented that the delay in iOS 4's arrival on the iPad probably was due to the iPad staff working in secret, separated from the team working on iOS 4. John Gruber at Daring Fireball has a different analysis worth reading:

Another correction I gleaned at WWDC is that the iPad's OS 3.2 was not, as I suggested in a footnote here, developed by a team working in secret, apart from the main iPhone OS 4 team. The iPad's OS 3.2 is indeed a separate fork - 3.2 was never meant for use on iPhones or iPod Touches, and 4.0 will not be available on the iPad. But the team wasn't separate - those working on 4.0 knew what was going on with the iPad and those working on the iPad knew what was going on with 4.0.

As for why this week's new iOS 4.0 doesn't support the iPad, it's simply a matter of timing. Apple wanted to start selling the iPhone 4 this month, June. The iPhone 4 required iOS 4. And it took less time for iOS to support only iPhones and iPod Touches than it would have to add support for iPads, too. I still believe that iOS version 4.1, planned for this fall, will be the release that unifies support across all shipping iOS devices."


MacInTouch Reader

I am unable to sync my Apple wireless keyboard to my 3gs with IOS4 running. No hacks used. Many others having the same difficulty.

Hope it works on Thursday when I"m running IOS4 on my new iPhone 4....


Warren Stone

Just received a response from iSimple for the iPod gateway for factory radios. Update is in progress. Will require a H/W upgrade but they are going to offer it for $9.95 and should be available 2nd week in July. Not sure who's to blame here. From iSimple... "Apple added the necessity for an Apple certification chip in the iPhone and the new iPod Touch." So it's going to require a swap of a daughter board in the iSimple gateway unit to make it work again. $10 isn't too bad but then again if iSimple ignored Apple's stated H/W requirements...


Jon L.

Is there a way to downgrade from iOS 4 to iPhone 3.1.3?

I installed 4 on my 3G yesterday. It is currently intolerably slow -- for example, the screen is regularly unresponsive to touch input for up to 5 seconds at a time; it takes a good 2-3 seconds to wake up from sleep; and it can take a good 10 seconds (I timed it) to open up the Settings app.

I am willing to jailbreak (which I have never done before) to bring it back to the prior version.


Jon L.

I sent in a reader report earlier about an extremely slow iPhone 3G with the iOS 4.0 upgrade.

A friend of mine informed me that I should try doing TWO hard resets (holding down both the home button and the power button) in a row.

That did in fact restore most of the responsiveness of my iPhone. (He recommended it because that solved his problem.)

Out of curiosity, I did try it after one hard reset, and lo and behold, it did not fix the problem.

Hopefully this helps some other people.


MacInTouch Reader

iOS 4 seems to have broken Bluetooth audio. My Pioneer car receiver can no longer connect to my iPhone 3G. Re-pairing the devices provides a fix that unfortunately won't survive a power recycle. Bluetooth phone seems unaffected.


MacInTouch Reader


"A rather undesirable feature of iOS4 (to me, anyway) is the inclusion of iAds. Cookies are used to track your preferences, to determine which ads are served to you."

Apps were already including ads and tracking you. With iAds, Apple offers the ability to opt out of tracking (but not ads). You'll still get the ads, but they will be random instead of of targeted specifically to you.

Or, you can buy apps that don't include ads. Typically it's the free apps that are ad supported. The paid ones are almost always ad-free.


Hal Durnford

Some additional notes on my IOS 4 upgrade on 32GB, 2ndGen iPod touch

After the initial install, a subsequent sync to add a few recent podcasts, etc, got hung up in the "optimizing photos" phase - I hadn't changed any photos, but discovered the sync was still running 8 hours later, stuck at about 140 of 1100 photos.

Only choice was to force quit iTunes, since it was "not responding". This cleared up, and I chose to remove photos. That sync worked.

Later, I decided to "back out the upgrade", and discovered that it is not possible. Downgrading to previous firmware, is not supported by Apple. The backups taken during the upgrade are of your apps, settings, and misc data. It is not of the firmware. The older firmware is deleted once you download the new firmware via iTunes. Even locating a copy of old firmware from other backups is of no help, since iTunes checks with Apple's server and refuses to downgrade.

On a side note, a new feature for me is the ability to play audio attachments received via email (ending with .au) They previously couldn't be played, now a QuickTime player handles them flawlessly.


Ed C

Two nights ago I downloaded the upgrade and tonight I attempted to upgrade my iPhone 3G to iOS4.

The first problem I ran into was "An error occurred while restoring this ipod". iTunes was locked up so after about 10 minutes I used force quit to kill it. I got the iPhone to power down holding the home and lock button for several seconds. After I got the iPhone to start back up, it reports its OS as "4.0".

When I connected my iPhone again, the name of the device is now "iPhone" (that's wrong). iTunes reported that a restore had been interrupted and asked me if I wanted to resume it. "Great!" I thought. I clicked resume, but almost immediately I got the same "An error occurred..." message again. (This sequence repeated a couple of times.)

Eventually, iTunes reported that this phone was synced with another computer (it isn't) and asked me if I wanted to set it up as a new phone or restore from a backup.

I restored the iPhone from the most recent backup. All of my iPhoto photos and music were gone (I can restore those). However, photos I've *taken* with my iPhone are also all gone (and not all were imported into iPhoto). When I select "manually manage music and videos" I get an error saying the phone was synced with a different computer (it isn't).

It took three sync attempts but now I have iPhoto photos back. Photos I've taken with my iPhone may be gone forever.


Ed C

Just a follow up to my message an hour or so ago: I was able to restore my iPhone (from a previous backup) and recovered the lost photos.

I still get the error message telling me a restore was interrupted... I'm not sure if I'm ready to click "Delete Backup" yet. Does anyone know where the backups are stored?


Matt McCaffrey

Followup to my upgrade experience: The second time was the charm. My iPhone 3G ran very hot at some points during the upgrade; I ended up taking it out of its case and laying it on my MBP to sink out some of the heat.

The entire Aperture library synced to my phone had to be reprocessed. This took place over a number of resyncs initiated by iTunes. Perhaps those encountering pixelated photos have not let this happen? (Remember that new iPhones are working with a much-higher-res screen. This implies that photos on ALL iPhones would need to be re-encoded to work properly with the new OS.)

As far as the Home button goes: Look in your Settings app. In Settings:General, you will find a "Home Button" setting, thoughtfully set apart, right under the radio settings in the list. There are five possible settings for the response to double-clicking the Home button: [go to] Home [screen], [go to] Search [screen], [show] Phone Favorites, [activate] Camera [app], [activate] iPod [app]. A behavior to show the iPod controls by tapping the Home button when the iPod is playing can be set. And for some reason a "Spotlight Search" setting is also present, with include/exclude settings, but I'm not yet sure what that has to do with the Home button. (I'll find out. ;-> )

When on the App screens, a single tap will bring you to the first (Home) screen. A second single tap will slide you "left" to the Search screen. A single tap there will bring you back out again to the Home screen. A quick double-click (like a mouse double-click) evokes the response set in the "Home Button" settings.

I am so far not seeing any of the other misbehaviors mentioned by other posters, though I'm on the lookout for them. Already love the unified Inbox in Mail, and am just starting to reorganize using the App folders.


Robert Mohns

Mike Silverman asks:

"Does anyone else find it annoying that when you launch an app from a folder in iOS 4, when you later return to the home screen, you are dumped back into that folder, rather then returning to the main home screen view?"

It's preserving your state as you last left it. Your home screen state is "viewing a folder".

Whether this is "good" or "bad" may depend on whether you view the Home screens as an app (which should look the same when you return to it as when you left it) or as an elaborate menu (which should snap back to defaults after each and every use).


David Bogart

I upgraded my 32GB iPhone 3GS to IOS4 quite smoothly.

The only annoyance is that the colour of my Exchange calendar events is the same as my MobileMe calendar events.

They were different before the upgrade, and continue to be different on my desktop. I can't find any way to specify the colour of a calendar on the iPhone.

Apple's support so far just urges me to upgrade iTunes to 8.xx - obviously needs updating.

Does anyone have suggestions or, better, solutions?


Steven MacDonald

"I'll fess up to being a bit of a luddite:"

There are a number of G4 CPU upgrades for the Pismo, however you might just want to upgrade to a more modern laptop. There are many G4 iBooks and Powerbooks on Ebay that are cheaper than the cost of a Pismo upgrade. Even a 1st Gen Intel MacBook is close to the CPU upgrade price.


MacInTouch Reader

Michael Fryd wrote:

"My understanding is that there is software available for Jailbroken iPhones that allow them to act as Wi-Fi hot spots for tethering other devices. If you installed this software on your iPhone, you could tether your iPad. You don't need a software upgrade for the iPad, and you probably don't want to upgrade your iPhone from 3.x until there is a jailbreak for iOS 4."

I have done this. It works great. I watched the How to Destroy Angels The Space In Between music video on vimeo on my iPad WiFi using iPhone 3GS with the MiWi software. Well worth the $10. I'm not updating to 4.0 until SpiritJB is updated.

Ric ford wrote:

"I happened to talk with someone today who has a Palm Pixi with a data plan on Verizon. She was able to turn the phone into an ad hoc WiFi hotspot in no time, and we were able to connect an iPad and iPod Touch to it via WiFi and then play music over Pandora with good quality. SpeedTest showed download bandwidth of about 150 Kbps and upload performance a little faster than that."

Just ran on iPhone and got 1589 down, 191 up. Have seen much faster when tethering to a laptop. Think iPhone CPU is a gating factor for app test, but passing packets between interfaces is fast.


Michael Fussell

I saw somewhere that one of the hidden features was that IOS4 supported Bluetooth keyboards. I dragged out my half sized bluetooth Apple keyboard and my iPhone 3GS did not recognize it.


Shaun James

Dear Apple/Steve Jobs,

With all the wizardry you create, please focus group some average users about "features".

When will you include the simplest feature of all?

Individual signatures for email accounts.

Love ya.

Couldn't interweb without ya.




Chris Rowland

I updated my iPod touch 2G to iOS 4 on Sunday night. It halted a couple of times and took a few hours overall, but it ended up fine. I'm still juggling my apps into folders. A handful of observations:

1. The home screen zooming-icons transition (when launching or quitting an app) has changed. The icons no longer zoom in/out as if flying toward you; now they slide into or away from the center of the screen along the same plane, without changing size, as if jumping out of your way or hurrying back into formation. Looks good to me; just an interesting style change.

2. iTunes' nested playlist folders are finally hierarchical on the iPod! Previously, the iPod flattened all the playlists into one list, regardless of the folder structure in iTunes. So much better now.

3. For a long time now, when you had a Smart Playlist and you manually rearranged the track order in iTunes, the iPod wouldn't respect your order. It looks like iOS 4 restored the original behavior; the track order is now preserved. (Interestingly, you can't edit the order of a Smart Playlist on the iPod, though you can fully edit regular playlists.) I use a Smart Playlist for new podcasts I haven't listened to, and I'm finally able (again) to choose the play order before I sync and jump in the car.

4. In the album track lists, I find that the album thumbnails are uniformly blurry, as if they were blown up from the smaller thumbnails used in the album list (which are sharp in their native size) instead of re-sampled from the original cover art. I presume that Apple will correct this, or that my iTunes hasn't yet processed the artwork. Other than that, I love the updated album track list format.

5. The iBooks page-turning animation is neat, but it's no match for the almost tactile realism of Eucalyptus. Interesting that between those two and Classics, we have three distinct approaches to an animated page turn. I actually find Eucalyptus's page animation useful, not just decorative, because I can peek at something on an adjacent page without wiping the current page from the screen -- just like flipping between pages in a book.


Steven Wicinski

Matt Neuburg wrote:

"If you don't have multitasking / fast app switching, that's why you still see the Home Button setting. With fast app switching, double-clicking the Home button always accesses the fast app switcher and you have no choice about this (nor should you)."

My question is simple: Why shouldn't you have that choice? Is there some magical meaning to double-click the home that so perfectly matches the concept of 'fast user switching' that one shouldn't be allowed to use such a feature for something else?

BTW, I don't go for the 'Consistency' argument, since (and maybe I'm weird) I can't see how too many people are using other people's devices, and using them so much they need to get to the switching window.

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