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Feb. 2, 2009


Roger S. Cohen

Just got a flier in my Verizon telephone bill, "Introducing Amazing Electronics Coverage From Verizon."

"Avoid costly repair and replacement bills... one flat fee... $19.99 a month... repairs will be made by specialists... What's covered? Your computers*...

*Apple Products not included."

May. 20, 2009


Jonathan Cronin

Verizon has done it again; we switched to paperless billing a year ago (i.e accessed our monthly bill on their web site rather than having it mailed to us.) This month it has stopped working; any attempt to log in says the account is "temporarily unavailable". So far we have spent probably the equivalent of a working day on the phone trying first to fix this and then switch back to paper billing.

The initial response was that they had made recent changes to the Web site and that only Internet Explorer was supported. Eventually they did open a trouble ticket, but did not seem to expect anything to happen. (The attempt to switch back to paper has twice ended in disconnections. Following the phone-bot on the logical menu-path gets a "Please hang up and dial again". Geesh. The quick way is to follow the "I want to buy something" menu path and ask to be transferred.)

Anyway, we've tried Safari 3 and 4, a (very old) Mac Internet Explorer, Opera, and Camino. All get the same result "temporarily unavailable", (except IE, which just sits there) We tried some of these on both Power and Intel.

Anybody else having problems? (This is FIOS residential service.)


David Sattler

I find that, although Safari doesn't work with FiOS' billing pages, Firefox does.


Charlie Schorner

In response to Jonathan Cronin's issues accessing the Verizon Wireless web site... it seems to be working fine for me with the latest Safari 4 beta and Firefox Maybe I'm not going to the page you're having trouble with?


Stu MacKenzie

After reading Jonathan Cronin's report of problems using Verizon's online billing I visited my set-up-for-paperless Verizon account on May 20 using Safari 3.2.1 (with User Agent set to default); absolutely no problems -- current billing, payment history, usage analysis, etc. all worked just fine.

I didn't try to change my billing setup, so no experience with that; but in terms of viewing my billing details everything ran on greased grooves.


Russ Crum

I just logged into my Verizon wireless account with no problem. I used Safari 3.2.3 and am running OS 10.5.7 on a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo iMac.


William Staman

Same here. I used the contact e-mail form to inform them they just justified a switch to AT&T & me buying a new iPhone. Sort of happy they gave me the reason to do so, although they have been the most responsive cell service I've ever had to this point. Will await their response.


Tom Diflo

My Verizon OneBill still works fine on Firefox, over either a Verizon DSL at home or a T1 line at work (New York City). I have noticed two things, however. First, they don't always send an email out indicating that the bill is ready (which made one payment late recently), and second, when I download the "PDF" version of the bill, the suffix is ".aspx" - a Citrix suffix, and not ".pdf". Not really a big deal, though.


MacInTouch Reader

I have verizon for my cell phones and have had my bills paperless for a long time. I just checked and it still works fine for me, when I login at I use Safari 4 and Mac Os X 10.5.7


Gregory Tetrault

I went to the Verizon Wireless web site (5/20 11:50 CDT) that also was changed. The new site offers easier log on, though some other features (such as download bills) are less convenient. I could see my bill, review my AutoPay options, review the bill in detail, and download a PDF of the bill. (I used Firefox for this.) Perhaps Verizon's update of its wireless web site is ahead of its land-line site.


MacInTouch Reader

I have no trouble with Verizon Wireless using Leopard and Safari 4.


Daniel Sczygelski

I had a similar problem with Associated Bank. The updated BillPay option does not work with Safari, unless you turn on the option under Preferences -> Security to ALWAYS ACCEPT ALL COOKIES, which I find objectionable. A work around is to use Camino, which is a surprisingly nice web browser. I also like that it works on my old laptop with 10.3.9. None of the other browsers I tired worked with Associated Bank's 'new' Billpay.

May. 21, 2009


Paul Specter

I just logged onto my Verizon account a few days ago and had absolutely no problems. I am using a PowerMac Dual G5 2.3 GHz with Mac OS X 10.4.11 and the latest version of Safari 3.


Jonathan Cronin

Thanks to everyone for all the checking, Out of curiosity more than anything we tried accessing our account from a PC at my business using Internet Explorer. We got the same error ("Account temporarily unavailable") but, on the PC, were offered the option of immediate "chat" support for the problem. The support person did some kind of reset on our account and we could access it on the PC. When we returned home we could access it with Safari.

So the problem isn't a direct case of Web software not support of Safari, it's a lack of training of support staff (and maybe a lack of resourcefulness on the part of that staff.) In fairness my wife says that on the original support call she brought up the possibility that the problem was related to our new IMac, and in hindsight, feels she should haven't mentioned the Mac at all. But we Mac users shouldn't have to slink around :).

(Of course the fact that the chat support didn't show up in Safari is yet a new example of marginalization.:( )

Again thanks for checking.


Russ Logan

No issues here either - brand new 2.66 imac 20", 10.5.7, Safari 3.2.3.


Steve Omug

RE: Jonathan and Verizon ...

Aside from the other reader's suggestion about Cookies (under Security in Safari Preferences), you might go to Safari Preferences > Advanced, and turn on the "Show Develop menu in menu bar" option ON. This will now enable you to select other browser behaviors -- such as Firefox, Opera and several versions of Internet Explorer in the Develop menu (select "User Agent" to see the choices). Good luck!


MacInTouch Reader

It's important for people to realize there is a difference between Verizon Communications, the company that provides home telephone service, FIOS and DSL and Verizon Wireless, the cell phone company. Two entirely separate organizations. The problem in question is on, with Verizon Communications. Not wireless.

Jul. 29, 2009


Scott R.

Verizon just announced free wifi access for FiOS customers (and, I think, for DSL subscribers):

"Verizon Wi-Fi* is a free service that enables qualified FiOS Internet subscribers to access the internet at thousands of public places known as Wi-Fi hotspots."


"Verizon Wi-Fi is not available on Macintosh, Windows XP 64-bit, or Windows 7 operating systems."


Steve Seaquist

WiFi Net News is reporting that Verizon FiOS is offering free, nationwide Boingo Wireless WiFi to all of its customers who are running Windows Vista or Windows XP only:

Although the original Go Boingo version of the software was Mac OS and PC compatible, the version from Verizon apparently had the Mac OS capability stripped out of it.

The biggest recent news about Apple I've heard is that, according to NPD, Apple now owns 91% of the over-$1000 PC market. Being the happy owner of a Mac Pro, I'm a firmly entrenched member of that customer base. And with that kind of computer, of course I have 20 Mbps download / 20 Mbps upload Verizon FiOS service. Why would you spend the bigger bucks for a more powerful computer, only to wait around on cable speeds? Seems to me, the high end consumer (91% likely to be a Mac customer) is exactly the kind of customer who would insist on getting FiOS.

So the thought that Verizon stripped Mac OS support out of the Go Boingo app leaves me speechless. Mouth agape speechless.

Jul. 30, 2009


Steven MacDonald


"Verizon just announced free wifi access for FiOS customers"

I checked on some of the locations for this service in Oregon and California and it seems most of them (like hotels and PDX and PSP airports) already have free WiFi without being restricted to 32bit-XP. San Diego airport which doesn't have free WiFi is not on the list.

So, marketing?


Scott R.

A followup to my previous message about Verizon wifi: I called Verizon and spoke to someone in their wifi department. They had no information about when -- or if -- Mac access would be made available.


MacInTouch Reader

Wow! This Verizon news is distressing. I've been a FiOS subscriber the moment it became available. This might actually make me re-think my loyalty.

At the least, I will definitely be sending off a letter.

Jul. 31, 2009


Stephen Read

I wrote to Verizon's customer support about their lack of Mac WiFi. They apologized, but had nothing to say about whether it would be available. In fact, one of their people told me that "I am sorry that WiFi is not available for Mac users. WiFi is a Windows based operating system."

Aug. 7, 2009


MacInTouch Reader

According to Eric Rabe from Verizon on Twitter, Mac support is (hopefully) on the way for Verizon's Wi-Fi product:

"We are looking to support Mac users this fall...most likely October. Follow me on Twitter and you'll be the first to know."

Verizon's own blog says a similar statement:

They're also promising "mobile device support" as well. However, I don't think we'll see iPhone/iPod touch support as long as AT&T is the exclusive iPhone carrier in the US...

Aug. 8, 2009


Don Andrachuk

So the rumor is that Verizon intends to support Mac users on its WiFi service in October, about 4 months after making the service available to Windows users. Such a delay could have been avoided by simply using platform agnostic user-verification methods.

History shows that companies that ignore Apple and the Mac market do so at their own peril. Good luck, Verizon...


Scott R,

A MacInTouch Reader writes

"According to Eric Rabe from Verizon on Twitter, Mac support is (hopefully) on the way for Verizon's Wi-Fi product"

The whole issue is that Verizon is requiring logon client software. I'm puzzled why they don't simply enable website logons like so many of their competitors--Cablevision locally for me--do. That's not platform specific.

Aug. 10, 2009


MacInTouch Reader

I don't understand why Verizon has built their own client logon software. Boingo has versions for Mac, Windows, iPhone/iTouch... why not use their already-built apps for such?

Aug. 11, 2009


Tom Lavin

FYI, I am a beta tester for Verizon FIOS's Media Manager client for the Mac. This service allows streaming of audio (via iTunes playlists) and photos (via iPhoto) to FIOS's Motorola STBs and onto one's TV as well as streaming recorded content from one STB to another. It is potentially a substitute for Apple TV and Slim Device's Squeezebox products. The Mac version does not allow YouTube or video streaming like their Windows version. they are getting around to us Mac users, however slowly.

Aug. 12, 2009


David Zatz

As a FIOS reader, I have to say - the only thing worse than NOT having Verizon software, is HAVING Verizon software.

That said, I sorely missed the Boingo sign-on, and wish they could do it without screwing up my system with poorly written, poorly designed, and just plain odd software.

On the lighter side, the DVR internal software seems to be getting better. I haven't had to reboot in months. It's still far from the old cable boxes that you could plug and ignore!

Jan. 13, 2010


Clay Ross

Verizon In-Home Agent -- Macs not welcome!

In-Home Agent is a PC application that provides you with fast, easy solutions for common FiOS & High Speed Internet questions. It's 24/7 support at the click of your mouse!
In-Home Agent, best used on your Home PC, provides step by step guided help to manage your FiOS or High Speed Internet service.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP or Vista
Memory: 384 MB
Resolution: 1024 x 768

Note: In-Home Agent does not support D-Link 604
or 624 routers

Jan. 14, 2010


David Zatz

Verizon also bans Macs from their new hotspot service, it seems.

Jan. 15, 2010


Bill Planey

If Verizon plans to keep discriminating against Macs, that would not bode well for any future plan from them tied to an iPhone...


David Charlap

David Zatz wrote:

"Verizon also bans Macs from their new hotspot service, it seems."

Yes. They require proprietary software, and have no Mac client. Which is particularly infuriating, because the service is based on Boingo, which does have a Mac client (but the Boingo client isn't compatible with VZ's service.)


Scott R.

Oddly enough, Verizon has a Mac version of its "Internet Security Suite," which features antivirus and firewall functions (fewer features than the PC version, I would add).

Why do they have a Mac version of software that a Mac user would want the *least*, from all the app-based features Verizon offers?

I suspect that, in contrast to Verizon In-Home Agent, Verizon wifi, and Verizon Call Assistant, all of which are free, Verizon charges (starting at $5.99/month) for their Security Suite.

So, apparently they *do* have some vague idea how to develop for OS X... if there's money to be made from it.

Jan. 16, 2010


Jeff Fishbein


"If Verizon plans to keep discriminating against Macs, that would not bode well for any future plan from them tied to an iPhone..."

As I learned when I recently dumped Verizon as my land line provider and Verizon Online as my Internet provider, they -- and Verizon Wireless -- are all separate companies. Not trying to excuse the stupidity of one vs. another, and believe me, it made life hell for me for two months as I tried to get them out of my life.

Nov. 24, 2010


MacInTouch Reader

Verizon launched a new service for FiOS TV users called Flex View. Unfortunately, like their Wi-Fi service, it isn't offered for Mac users, despite a MacBook Pro on the home page:

"Will Flex View work on a Macintosh computer?
At present Flex View is not supported on Macintosh devices."

Go figure. The funny thing is that it's based on Microsoft Silverlight and PlayReady DRM (not the older Windows Media DRM), hence the support for many Verizon Wireless Android and Windows Mobile 6.5 phones. Maybe MacInTouch should start an "iOS Marginalization" section. And Netflix supports both the Mac and iOS with Silverlight and/or PlayReady as well. In theory, a Mac version and iOS app for Flex View should be a cinch to make.

Yet not all is lost: Verizon showed off an Flex View iPad app several months ago. Even if there may never be a Mac version of Flex View, Verizon FiOS subscribers will likely be able to access Flex View on their iPad:

For once, I'm glad Verizon sold my area to Frontier Communications.


Matt Nadler

I have also checked into Flex View on the Mac. Word from the rep is that with the new service, they can't cover every base from the outset, but Macs and iPad/Touch etc. are on the roadmap. Just not sure when.

I'm a FiOS customer and gave it a try. Not a huge selection of titles (yet) compared to the main video library, but it worked on my netbook and my Android phone. I think what's cool about this vs. the Apple way is that they are trying to cover more than just one manufacturer's hardware.

Don't get me wrong - I love my Macs - we have three Minis (as media players for our HDTVs using Plex), an iBook and Powerbook. But I do like have options beside Apple only. As a Verizon wireless customer, I had to opt for a Droid phone (which isn't bad) and like that I can still get Flex View content to work on it since iTunes is there mostly to drive sales of iPods etc.

What I would say is for us to keep bugging Verizon about making Flex View available for the macs. They are getting around to it (I've been told), but it doesn't hurt to keep asking.

Dec. 9, 2010


John Leahey

Is it time for Mac owners to file a class action suit against Verizon? It has been over one year since Verizon offered WiFi hot spots to PC customers. This is a $9.95 service offered by Boingo, which is compatible with Macs. Now Verizon's 4G service is only offered to PC owners, with a $10.00 savings per month. Mac owners are presently being charged $20.00 per month for services they cannot obtain because they own a Mac. A class action lawsuit filed by Mac owners might be the only way to wake up Verizon to this problem.

Dec. 10, 2010


Dewey Vanderhoff

Actually , it's well past time for the Mac OS-X community to file a class action suit against the whole gamut of corporate and government IT departments that marginalize Macs. This is nothing less that a Civil Rights Movement for the 21st century and digital culture. Mac marginalization occurs for one of three reasons: added expense , incompetence, or laziness. None of those are acceptable , IMHO

We are being unnecessarily denied and or purposely discriminated against.


Brad Riendeau

Is there any rational or technical explanation why such service should be Windows only? If not, it justs sounds like Verizon has bad internal management of its development processes, or somehow Microsoft has its fingers in the mix.


Steve Shireman

Not sure what the MacInTouch Reader refers to when he says the Verizon wi-fi is not available for Macs.

I am using a wireless connection to Verizon FiOS, and it works perfectly with both my Mac Mini, and my iPhone.

Dec. 21, 2010


MacInTouch Reader

Verizon says that Mac drivers are in the works for 4G aircards. They should be out "relatively soon" according to PC Magazine, and Engadget reported that the Novatel USB551L that is coming shortly will have Mac support out of the box.

PC Magazine article
Novatel USB551L (Engadget):

If you look under VZAccess Manager (the required software for Verizon 4G aircards) on the Verizon Wireless website, you will see "Please check back for availability" for Mac drivers. Got stuck with a Verizon 4G aircard for Christmas that you can't use on your Mac (for now)? Bookmark this page.

In the meantime, those with a Pantech UML290 (not the LG VL600) can use it on a Mac by using built-in settings in Mac OS X. Keep in mind that (for now) a PC running Windows XP/Vista/7 will still be needed for modem activation.

How to use a UML290 on a Mac.

Last, but not least: The lack of Wi-Fi access for Verizon aircard Mac users is because it requires VZAccess Manager 7.2.x or higher for Windows. VZAccess Manager for Mac was only updated to 7.2.x very recently, and even then only for one aircard (the Pantech UMW190). Verizon's decision to limit Wi-Fi access for aircard users to Windows is nothing new. In fact, AT&T, Apple's exclusive US partner for the iPhone, has the same policy for its aircard users. The AT&T Connection Manager, which handles Wi-Fi usage for aircard users, is Windows-only.

Feb. 2, 2011


MacInTouch Reader

It took a little while, but Verizon's VZAccess Manager for Mac 7.2.4, with support for the Pantech UML290 4G aircard, is now available from the Verizon Wireless VZAccess Manager website.

LG VL600 4G aircard owners still have to wait, but Mac drivers for the LG should be out sometime this month.

Feb. 3, 2011


DV Henkel-Wallace

I hope that the drivers for the Verizon Pantech and LG 4G aircards work without the horrible VZAccess Manager. Back when I used a Verizon card with my MBP I just used the built-in support in OS X which worked great.

Feb. 4, 2011


William Staman

I too seldom used the VZ Access Manager unless we traveled to a distant area & couldn't get a signal. Then it was needed to refresh the modem to learn available towers.

Regardless of their pricing, I have always found their customer service top notch.

Last night's 3 AM purchase of iPhones was very easy & quick with no glitches.

Jul. 28, 2011


Ken Graham

Recently Verizon changed their website and it no longer works with Macs and Safari. It is now impossible to view one's paper bill. When I complained I received the following response:

Dear K. Graham,

Thank you for choosing Verizon. I have received your email dated
7/25/11 regarding viewing your bill through Safari. My name is Nita,
and I will be happy to assist you.

We can not troubleshoot Safari, Mozilla, or Firexfox.

Please use Internet Explorer.

I hope I have resolved your reason for contacting us. If you have
additional questions, or if we may be of assistance to you in the
future, please let us know. We look forward to serving you.

Thank you for using Verizon. We appreciate your business.

Verizon eCenter



MacInTouch Reader

I am able to see my account, view current billing, and open up statement both for Verizon home phone and Verizon Wireless, all in Safari. Perhaps it is something more particular about your configuration that is causing the trouble.

It is, of course, sad that Verizon responds to queries with such silliness.


Marc Heusser

If necessary it may help trying to trick Verizon's website to believe you are using Internet Explorer:

Launch Safari, located at /Applications/Safari.

Open Safari's Preferences by selecting 'Safari, Preferences' from the menu.

Click the 'Advanced' tab labeled.

Place a check mark next to 'Show Develop menu in menu bar.'

Then in the Develop menu select User Agent > Internet Explorer 9 (this you will have to repeat every time you access this website).

Good luck!


Scott Little

I've had no issues accessing the Verizon website using Safari.

I can log in, view my bill, view my payment history, check the usage details and download a copy of the bill in PDF format.

It seems to work OK.

Safari 5.1
OS X Lion


William Lear

Strange, the Verizon wireless site works fine for me using Firefox, including viewing/printing my bill. Are you on or some other facet of the Verizon system?


Steve Shireman

Not sure what Ken Graham had a problem with. I just tried accessing my bill on Verizon, and had no problems at all. Using Safari 5.1/Lion.

On another note, recently had a conference call with my son (a systems administrator), and a Verizon rep. to troubleshoot our FiOS connection. The rep was asking us to use Internet Explorer to access their web pages. To which we both replied 'Who uses Internet Explorer anymore?' The rep obviously could not respond.

Should mention that we have three systems - one Mac, one PC running Linux, and a Windows laptop - none of which uses Internet Explorer.


Bill Fox

Verizon has their collective head in the sand!


MacInTouch Reader

I have no problem using Safari 5.1 on Snow Leopard or Lion reaching Verizon to view or pay bills form home or work. I also access my mail account and control TV recordings. Maybe it is because I use FIOS...


Adam B

I am currently logged in to (OSX 10.6.8, Safari 5.1) and am able to view and download the PDF of my latest bill. Or was it a different portion of Verizon you're having an issue with? If it is, tell them "Wireless works with Safari! Why not you?" or words to that effect.


Marty McBride McBride

After reading about k. Graham's inability to view bills at Verizon, I just tried. Am using Lion with FF 5.0.1

I had no issues logging in or viewing by bill or anything else I tried. I might suggest clearing the cache, login info and cookies and trying again. Verizon may only support IE, but FF and Lion work just fine.


Gene L

Just checked myVerizon with both Safari 5.05 and Firefox 5.0.1 running on Snow Leopard 10.6.7

No problems running site, viewing or printing bill.


D-B Hudson

Ken Graham mentioned that he was having trouble using Verizon's webpage to view his paper statements.

We just connected online to our MyVerizon account website and had no problem (using MacOSX Lion with Safari 5.1) to access and view our monthly statement.

Are you using any Safari plug-ins that may have caused your problem?


MacInTouch Reader

Just checked on a 2010 MBP with Safari 5.1, works fine here


Charles Flynn

For Ken Graham,

It is not impossible to view your Verizon paper bill in pdf format using Safari. Thanks for asking about this, because I now have written instructions, and will not have to figure this out all over again next month.

Here are the steps:

Start at

Go to Account Actions at the lower right of the page. If it is not already selected, click the Internet tab. Choose "View Bill".

Above your name, click Bill History.

Click the Download link on the same line as your name.

On the page at :

1. Select a Bill Date:

Choose the Billing Date in the Billing Date pop-up menu.

2. What Do You Want to Download?:

Make sure the "Paper Bill (Up to 24 months available)" radio button is on.

3. Choose Bill format:

Use the PDF radio button, then click the Submit Request button.


Tony Abruzzese

Check your browser settings.

I just tried viewing my Verizon bill in both Safari 5.1(Lion) and FF5 and had no problems seeing the the complete summary of charges.

The PDF generator worked just fine, popups enabled because it opens a new window, and included the itemized list of calls. The bill did download automatically to the downloads folder when I clicked the Create PDF button.

If you just want to view the bill, click the Print Icon and the bill is generated in a new window, ready for printing. It is pretty much the same as the PDF version.

And, yes, it is outrageous that phone support people, especially at major ISPs, are either not provided with the training or at lease a cheat sheet that indicates supported/available browsers for different platforms.


David Krafchick

Under Develop, try User Agent. Every browser is listed and Safari works in the emulation better than Firefox. Sadly Verizon has bought into the false sense that security means you lock the door. The World Wide Web buidelines explain a lot and allow any browser to work. Security can protect without exclusion.


Erik Rieselbach

I'm able to view both current and older bills (and make payments) at using Safari 5.1 under 10.6.8.


MacInTouch Reader

I'm able to use Safari (v5.1, Lion) and see everything on their cluttered site, including my bill. What sort of problems are you seeing?


Scott Brewer

I just logged into my account and, while the site has changed, I can print/download my paper bill with no problems.


Gregory Tetrault

Ken Graham said:

"Recently Verizon changed their website and it no longer works with Macs and Safari. It is now impossible to view one's paper bill...."

I just logged into MyVerizon using Safari 5.0.2 (under OS X 10.6.6). From the Overview page I clicked "View Bill" under "BILLING SUMMARY" or "ACCOUNT ACTIONS." I then clicked the "PDF" link at the top of the on-screen bill. This downloaded my bill. (I don't use my browsers to view PDF files.)

The same steps worked using Firefox 3.6.14.

I suspect that Verizon changed its settings or requirements for viewing PDF documents within a browser. The bills are created in the very old PDF Version 1.2 format, so the version isn't the cause.

Jul. 29, 2011


Jeff Blume

Mr. Graham did not say whether his problem was with Verizon or Verizon Wireless.

I can view my Verizon Wireless bill with no problems under Lion/Safari.

That being said, every phone we've ever gotten from Verizon has had significant features that weren't accessible from a Mac (and Verizon neglected to mention... :-(


David Ballenger

If you are using Safari Extensions that attempt to protect your privacy by blocking things like tracking links on web pages, you might need to disable or fine tune it for Verizon's site.

I'm using Ghostery and when I first tried to download my bill after installing Ghostery, it didn't work. After disabling Ghostery for Verizon's site, I could download my bill.

I've had to do this with a couple of other sites.

Next step I guess is figuring out how to fine tune Ghostery for those sites, so I can access my bill without completely disabling Ghostery.


Brad Riendeau

We have a contract help center here in town, so I have had a chance to talk to some of Stream's employees. Apparently these places work off scripts that are prepared by someone else. It may very well be that the lack of support is actually a decision/refusal by the help center to develop a script or guide for assisting with more than one browser, rather than an actual imcompatibility per se. I would find it hard to believe that anybody is doing things in ActiveX anymore, for example. It is pretty absurd that a phone company has Unix at one end ( their switch, etc.) and Microsoft Explorer at the other.


Lawrence San


"Under Develop, try User Agent. Every browser is listed and Safari works in the emulation better than Firefox..."

I'm sure your suggestion is helpful, but just to be precise, User Agent menus do not typically "emulate" anything. Emulation is a separate, and much more complex, issue that is important mostly to Web developers testing their work.

As far as I know, what User Agent menus do is simply lie to the Web server about what kind of browser is talking to them. This sometimes works because some websites are coded to refuse to talk (or to provide full functionality) to certain browsers. (Typically, they refuse to interact fully with anything other than Internet Explorer.) This horrible practice, which is thankfully becoming less common, is done to reduce the coding and testing chores for the site's developers, but is always a bad thing because the devs should be testing for supported functionality, not for browser identity.

I hope this comment isn't too pedantic; I thought the distinction might be useful to some readers.


John Manning

I was unable to view or print my Verizon bill until I disabled the Ghostery extension. It was blocking an Omniture web bug in the form of two javascripts, "hbx.js" and "hbx_custom.js." I'm going to let Verizon know that blocking web bugs shouldn't break their site.


Don Gillespie

I am also using Safari 5.1 with Lion to access my Verizon account, and have found no problems.

Jul. 30, 2011


Stephen Hart

Jeff Blume wrote:

"That being said, every phone we've ever gotten from Verizon has had significant features that weren't accessible from a Mac (and Verizon neglected to mention... :-("

There's one phone Verizon sells that has none of these problems. All of its features are accessible on a Mac. In fact, you could almost say they were made for each other!


Ken Graham

Thanks for all the comments, suggestions, and help.

The problem turns out to be Ghostery! Temporarily disabling this extension allows full access to the site.

My problem was with Verizon, not Verizon Wireless.

I was successful accessing their site and its contents using FireFox, but Safari is currently my primary browser along with a variety of Extensions.

While I wasn't confident that Verizon support would solve the situation as well as just posting the problem to the Internet user community, I certainly didn't expect the brush-off response I received. Given that so many people responded to my initial post, one would hope that the support staff at a major vendor could put a little more effort into addressing such situations.


MacInTouch Reader


..."every phone we've ever gotten from Verizon has had significant features that weren't accessible from a Mac..."

Have you tried an iPhone from Verizon?

Aug. 1, 2011


John Manning

Ken Graham said:

While I wasn't confident that Verizon support would solve the situation as well as just posting the problem to the Internet user community, I certainly didn't expect the brush-off response I received.

Their replies to me when I reported the problem (and its cause) were courteous and professional, not dismissive. Did you reply to the clueless message? You'll probably get a different rep, and the original responder might be brought up to speed on proper customer service.


Stephen Clark

As a current Sprint wireless customer, intending to switch to Verizon when my contract expires (another 90 days), I've been reading with interest the thread on purported incompatibility of Verizon's account web access....

I spent an hour earlier today researching service coverage and voice + data plans to get a better idea of what I could expect to pay monthly once I'd done the switch. Using Safari 5.0.4 under 10.6.6 (Lion's on another HD, currently undergoing evaluation) I had no trouble viewing any page / link I chose to visit.

Perhaps were I to have an actual Verizon wireless account things'd be different? No trouble with Sprint in that regard while their service coverage where I've lived for 34 years is horrible.

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