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Mac Marginalization: eBay and auctions

Mar. 31, 2009
Feb. 10, 2010
Mar. 31, 2009


David Crotty

As of January 2009, eBay has officially dropped their Live Auction section. Many auction houses that used eBay for online versions of their live in-house auctions have since moved to Live Auctioneers ( Their software, sadly, appears to be based on ActiveX, shutting out anyone not using Windows. I've sent messages to the auction houses I patronize letting them know they've lost a customer until this is fixed, and I'd advise anyone else so affected to do the same. Writing to Live Auctioneers to put further pressure on them would be helpful as well.

Feb. 10, 2010


MacInTouch Reader

Re: David Crotty's experience with Live Auctioneers

It looks like we can make a difference, not just us Mac users, but users of other browsers on Windows and Linux, too: Live Auctioneers dropped their IE-only ActiveX/MSXML-based plugin in favor of a platform/browser-agnostic Flash-based interface a while back.

And they even have an app for the iPhone:

Nice to see a company going from marginalizing Mac users to embracing Mac (and iPhone) users!

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