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Mac Marginalization: Pricing

Apr. 17, 2009
Apr. 18, 2009
Aug. 13, 2009
Jan. 15, 2010
Apr. 17, 2009


Scott Rothstein

I'm currently looking into the Fujitsu SnapScan 1500M document scanner. NewEgg had a low price on it, and I looked through their rebate offers before buying. I saw a $20 instant rebate being offered, but then noticed it was only for the 1500, not the 1500M -- the only difference being PC versus Mac versions.

I asked why there was a rebate on the PC version and not for the Mac -- it's virtually the same device and has the same MSRP. After first trying to claim they had nothing to do with it, that it was a manufacturer's rebate (and me pointing out it wasn't), the rep responded with:

"Our product pricing is determined by our Marketing and Purchasing departments collaboratively due to various circumstances. Unfortunately, this information is not passed onto Customer Service, and we are unable to provide information for this particular inquiry."

Apr. 18, 2009


MacInTouch Reader

The difference between the Fujitsu S1500 and the S1500M is the software bundle which is platform specific. That may account for the difference in net price.


Eddie Savage

Re: Scott Rothstein and NewEgg rebates...

I see rebates as a gimmick for reputable companies (manufacturer or online seller) to sell oversupply or back-inventory, and shady companies to maintain a degree of cash flow when either their products or product-sales are marginal, or the company is in dire straits.

Sounds like the Mac stuff NE stocks is selling well, and PC orientated peripherals are lagging.

As for NewEgg, I've been using them for probably close to 8 years, never had a problem, and when a rebate is involved, it always was processed without fail (no affiliation; just a satisfied user).

Aug. 13, 2009


Art Majerus

I get email advertisements for both Mac and PC products and have recently started receiving ads from Roxio for their VHS to DVD product. It is irritating to me that the same product is $20 more for Mac than it is for PC. Just doesn't seem consumer friendly. Not a product I need as I can do the same thing without it but still makes me unhappy to get the two ads side by side.

Jan. 15, 2010


Dave Alpert

Went looking for best pricing on TurboTax. Most companies are selling boxed versions for around $45. Box is for Mac or PC (hybrid CD).

Tried Newegg and found downloadable versions of TurboTax Delux. $49.99 for PC version, $59.99 for Mac version.

or....... you can buy the CD for $45 or so and get both.

Nice to know Intuit respects the Mac community so much!

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