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Jun. 20, 2009
Aug. 31, 2010
Sep. 8, 2010
Jun. 21, 2011
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Jun. 20, 2009


Simon Pocock

The BBC has an article about the stunning first images from Europe's new Herschel Space Observatory

It is worth looking at the picture of the scientific team down at the bottom. They are all using Mac laptops

Aug. 31, 2010


Mike Viksna

From the NY Times:

"...Autodesk plans to announce on Tuesday that it is bringing its flagship AutoCAD design and engineering software to the Mac for the first time in nearly two decades."


"The Mac version will cost $3,995, the same as the PC version, and will be released in October. AutoDesk will soon introduce a free mobile version of the software that will run on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch."

Sep. 8, 2010


Douglas Watson

More insight than news. My tech-savvy daughter is now starting her fourth year at college. When she left 3 years ago, I made a point of installing Boot Camp with Windows XP Pro onto her new Macbook.

Last month, I was putting a bigger hard drive into her Macbook. She said, don't bother with reinstalling the Windows partition, Dad. I really never need it.

So that is progress.

Jun. 21, 2011


Jen Cluse

A snippet from a friend re her son, who's in IT high-level system admin in Oz. He's a Linux-variety geek, and had a AU$3,900 top-level heavy grunt powerhouse Dell laptop until recently, when it expired.

In discussions with his overlord, his request to replace with similar was knocked back, and he was directed to buy a top spec MacBook Pro! "Cheaper and more effective", and "You can run any system on one".

This coming from a high level IT manager in Australia is tantamount to the Earth shifting in its orbit. The average Aust business person doesn't even know how to *spell Mac. (They text them as MAC, which proves they shouldn't be in management, not knowing what a Media Access Control address is! Like, uh, duh? That makes their PC a MAC? :D

(Side sad comment re Oz business people: when I went to my first broker, to buy my first shares, ($25k of AAPL @ US$8.40), I was litterally laughed at (for even thinking of the company, 'everyone uses Windows"), then lectured for about thirty minutes on the fundamentals of investing. Six months later I had finally learnt that you *tell* your broker what to do, like a lawer, and I finally bought some, but by then they had already exploded. I'd love to know how to sue him for my loss.)

Dec. 3, 2013


Art Hicks

Electronic engineering simulation packages are usually scarce on the Mac, but a Mac version of LT Spice can now be downloaded from the Linear Technology web site. At work I use LT Spice regularly to run moderately sized circuits, but on a Windows PC. At home I've used it on my Mac in a Virtual Machine, from time to time. The "new" Mac version has a somewhat leaner interface than the Windows version, but I find that it functions well on my Mac. I haven't had time yet to push it to any limits however. I'm running Mavericks on an early 2009 Core 2 Duo 17" MacBook Pro, with a recent SSD upgrade, and 8GB of RAM.

Dec. 4, 2013


Victor Staggs

Art Hicks mentions a Mac version of LTSpice. For a couple of years I have been using MacSpice.

It uses a netlist circuit description and not a drag-and-drop interface.

The NGSPICE Web page points to other circuit simulators that have graphical user interfaces, but they may not be free like MacSpice.

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