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Office 2004: Entourage

Jun. 6, 2009
Sep. 1, 2010
Jun. 6, 2009


Paul Specter

I'd like to ask if anybody has any ideas about mail incorrectly going into junk mail in Entourage from Office 2004.

This does not happen all the time, but intermittently mail that should not be junk is classified as junk and goes into the junk folder. In many of the instances, it's mail sent from my own account. I have my own name and address in Entourage's addressbook, and I have a category assigned. When I find one of these messages in the junk folder, when I tell Entourage that it's not junk, it moves it back into the inbox and it is recoded with the color/category I have assigned to the email address of the sender.

Again, it does not happen all the time, but enough that I'm taking the time to ask the question about what to do about it. I compact the database regularly (It's about 100MB) using the Database Utility provided with Office, but that has not affected the problem. Yeah, I know I could use some other email client such as Eudora or Mail (10.4.x), but I'm a glutton for punishment. Thanks.

Sep. 1, 2010


Tom Diflo

I have been trying to access my gmail IMAP account through Entourage 2004. Whenever I click on "Send & Receive," I get an error message "Unable to establish a secure connection to because the correct root certificate is not installed." Even so, if I click on "OK," things seem to work properly.

This is more of an annoyance than anything else, and I can find plenty of references to it online, but no solutions. Any ideas? Thanks.

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