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Office 2004: Word

Jan. 15, 2009
Mar. 4, 2010
Jan. 15, 2009


MacInTouch Reader

I've just noticed that I can no longer save any file in Word (2004) using the keyboard shortcut Command+S, and further more, the keyboard shortcut is actually missing from the drop down File menu - not just dimmed, but missing altogether. All other shortcuts are present and fully functional, and the Command+S function is present and fully functional in all other Office 2004 programs.

What can I do to restore this?

Thank you!

Mar. 4, 2010


Will Shaw

I've owned Office 04 for several years now. I have one major problem. When I add photos or graphics to a Word doc (either by dragging or doing an Insert command), it just shows as a big white box, an outline only.

This has been a problem on 10.3-10.5. The Word version is 11.5.6.

When I do a Print Preview, they show up OK. They print OK. When I bring in documents created on other computers, Macs and PCs, all the graphics appear fine.

I've done a complete erase and reinstall.

Please help! Thanks.

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